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MedHawk's Opportunities

MedHawk conducts an onsite evaluation of each practice opportunity prior to beginning the search. We will initiate the search when our consultants determine that is a viable practice opportunity for both the candidate and the client.

Walking the footstep's

Your consultant will walk the footsteps of the candidate and evaluate the hospital, administration, medical staff, practice, and community. Onsite practice evaluation will be conducted allowing candidates to know all the details from call to income. We will meet with a local realtor and go on a community tour gathering all the area details for the candidate and their family. We will help candidates throughout the process from sharing firsthand about our experience while evaluating the practice and community. Our job is not complete until the candidate has relocated and adjusted into their new practice and home.

Finding the right match

Once all practice and community details are gathered your consultant will begin the next phase and search for the right candidate. It is at this time where MedHawk truly earns its reputation for providing the most proven candidates available by our detailed screening and background check. Once the top candidates for the opportunity are identified we will present a detailed cover letter to the client on the candidate and why they would be a good fit.

Exceeding Expectations

We will assist throughout the process from the moment the search begins until your candidate becomes a colleague. Your Consultant will offer you advice and our professional opinion about the right practice for you and your family. We want the right fit for you and the hospital/practice. Your consultant will be available at all times to answer any questions and go over the practice opportunity with the candidate and their spouse. We will spend time with the candidate and their spouse over the phone prior to an onsite interview to make sure that the opportunity will be a good fit prior to an onsite interview. With our 7 Steps to a Successful Recruitment Campaign we continue to exceed our clients and candidates expectations.

Proven Candidates

At MedHawk we have built our reputation on consistently delivering the most qualified and motivated candidates. We do everything in our power to live up to this reputation. Your candidates will be provided with detailed information about the practice and community prior to the interview. We will answer candidate's questions prior to the interview. This will ensure that this process will be as smooth as possible and only the strongest candidates will survive.

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